Akka HTTP Quickstart

Learn how to create web applications with Scala and Akka HTTP in this free course! | taught by Miguel Lopez
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Miguel Lopez
Miguel Lopez
Software Developer

About the instructor

Passionate about programming, always learning something new. Currently developing microservices using Scala, Akka, Kafka and other tools at Disney Streaming Services. Learning Rust in his spare time.

The Akka toolkit allows you to develop scalable and resilient applications based on the actor model.

And the Akka HTTP module is no exception. It builds on the same concepts to bring that scalability and resiliency to web applications.

In this free course you will get your hands dirty and build a backend application for a todo list. You'll learn:

  • How to use the Akka HTTP's routing DSL

  • What directives are and how to create your own

  • Parse your models to and from JSON

  • Unit test your routes using the Akka HTTP's testkit

See you inside!

Course Contents

28 Videos
2 Texts