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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

    • Welcome!

  • 2

    Project Setup

    • Setting Up the Project

    • Installing the Dependencies

    • Setting Up the Hello World

    • Finishing the Hello World

  • 3

    Listing Todos

    • Creating the Todo Model

    • Creating the Repository Trait

    • Implementing an In-Memory Repository

    • Listing All the Todos

  • 4

    Creating the Server

    • Creating the Server

    • Cleaning Up Our Main Object

  • 5

    Listing Done and Pending Todos

    • Creating the Done and Pending Routes

    • Routing DSL Overview

    • Unit Testing the Routes

  • 6

    Error Handling

    • Failing Repository and Tests

    • Handling Errors in Our Routes

    • Custom API Errors

    • Creating Custom Directives

    • Testing Our New Directives

  • 7

    Creating Todos

    • Creating the Model and Repository

    • Creating the Route and Validating

    • Testing the Creation Route

    • Refactoring the Creation Route and Validation

  • 8

    Updating Todos

    • Creating the Model and Repository

    • Creating the Router and Validating

    • Testing the Update Route

  • 9

    Deploying Our App

    • Dockerising Our Application

    • Preparing for Deployment

    • Coming Soon!

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